Daviess County Commissioners, Crane Authority Strike Agreement

Yesterday, the Daviess County Board of Commissioners approved another agreement with the Westgate at Crane Authority.

The new agreement stipulates that the Daviess County Highway Department will help develop two new roads through the tech park. Under the agreement, the Westgate at Crane Authority will provide 125 thousand dollars worth of materials and the county will provide the labor force to extend Captain Nelson and Innovation Drives. These new additions will serve as the first step towards building a route that will serve as a direct connection between the Westgate at Crane Academy and the currently under construction Battery Innovation Center.

County Highway Superintendent Phil Cornelius says the county is working with about half a mile’s worth of road. He says the department is going to build as much as they can in the time that they have remaining this year.

The new road project comes as a portion of a continuing push in the park that is next to Crane Naval base to put in the necessary infrastructure to lure defense contractors and, thus, jobs to the area. Water and sewer services are also part of the equation, with Greene County already having a sewer district in place to serve the tech park, the nearby town of Scotland, and some residents in Daviess County.

All of the money spent so far on road work, sewer, and water lines has become an investment that officials hope will turn in dividends of bringing more jobs to Daviess County. More than 1,250 jobs are now tied in directly with operations taking place in the tech park.

Daviess County officials anticipate money that is spent on the projects will be repaid and the plan is to take that money and invest it into even more development. The new developments are also expected to have an impact on Crane, which currently is the third largest employer in Southwestern Indiana.