Fire Near Duff Displaces Local Family

A kitchen fire yesterday evening to the north of Duff has temporarily displaced a family of four.

Firefighters with the Ireland Volunteer Fire Department were called to the residence of Tim and Barbara Hopf in the 6500 block of West County Road 260 South just before 7 pm last night.

Ireland fire chief Stan Seifert says the fire started when Tim Hopf started to heat a pan of grease on the kitchen stove. He went to do something outside and lost track of time. When he returned, the grease had burst into flames.

Seifert and a second firefighter arrived first to the scene and extinguished the remaining flames. Seifert says the home suffered heavy damage in the kitchen and living room areas on the main floor. There was also heavy smoke and heat damage to the upstairs of the house.

Seifert says the house is still structurally sound and most windows are still intact. There was no word on how much damage that the fire caused. The couple and two adult children living in the home will be staying at a different location temporarily. Seifert says the hope is that clothes that were in the upstairs closets at the time of the blaze will be OK after being run through the laundry.

The Ireland Volunteer Fire Department had four trucks and 18 firefighters. They were on scene for just under two hours. Memorial Hospital EMS also assisted.