Heritage Hills Reopens Renovated Gym

Heritage Hills High School has reopened its main gymnasium after a summer of renovations.

The North Spencer School Corporation used about 150 thousand dollars out of 1.9 million dollars in bond money for retrofitting light fixtures, renovating bleachers, and painting the entire gym.

North Spencer Superintendent Dan Scherry says the project was much needed and the timing worked out well for the corporation:

Scherry says having the gym completed in time for today’s first day of classes was very important:

The gym work also included sanding and refinishing the gym floor as well as repainting walls, doors, window frames, goal posts, and ceilings. All railings on the top sections of the bleachers are set to be replaced in the next couple of weeks as part of the finishing touches on the project.

The remaining money out of the 1.9 million dollars of bond money will be put towards replacing an ailing boiler in the high school auxiliary gym. No time limit on using the bond money exists.