Huntingburg Council: 8/22

Last night, the Huntingburg City Council heard from members of the public concerning the future of the city’s bus transit.

Funding for the city transit had begun to dry up and several citizens turned up to the council meeting to show the positive impact that the transit bus system has had on the city of Huntingburg. Bill Powell, whose parents, Jack and Jean Powell of Huntingburg use the transit system, told the council that the system was very important to his parents as they are approaching their 70th wedding anniversary, especially after his mother went to the Waters of Huntingburg following surgery:

Huntingburg mayor Denny Spinner says it was impressive to see the public turnout in support of the service. He says it hammers home how much of an impact this service has on people’s lives:

The council ultimately agreed to approve a motion to allow for the Huntingburg Transit Authority to pursue a grant for additional funding to continue the service.