Jasper BPW: 8/27

Yesterday morning, the Jasper Board of Public Works and Safety opened bids for a stormwater project commonly known as the Krodel Brown Stormwater Project. The board formally approved a bid from Huntingburg Machine Works at $101,484.75.

Jasper mayor Terry Seitz says getting this project done is an important part of fulfilling the city’s responsibility to keep the waters of the Patoka River, where the water drains to, clean:

There were 8 potential bidders for the project and 6 of those submitted bids according to city engineer Chad Hurm.

Also at yesterday morning’s meeting, the board approved an encroachment request that it had previously rejected. The request, which had been filed by David Gilley, asked for permission to put a fence around the pool in the backyard of his 14th Street residence which would encroach on other property in the area. The original request was denied a few weeks back due to concerns from the electric department, but that department changed its opinion after further examining the property, clearing the way for yesterday’s decision.

Seitz says reversing decisions such as this one does not happen frequently, but in this case it was necessary due to the unique nature of the property:

The agreement between Gilley and the city is set to be completed pending the measurement of the length of the proposed fence.

Finally yesterday morning, street commissioner Raymie Eckerle gave an update on key street projects in the city and also listed several microsurface and asphalt rejuvenating projects set to take place across the city. 6 different micro-surfacing projects, involving 14th Street, 15th Street, Ridgewood Lane, Daisy Lane, Gregory Lane, and St. Charles Street are set to take place across the second and third weeks of September and 19 different asphalt rejuvenating projects are slated to take place.

As far as street updates, Eckerle told the board that work on Brucke Strasse has been harder than originally planned as the heavy truck traffic that had been using the road damaged the road under the concrete worse than originally expected. The widening of Kluemper Rd is going well according to Eckerle and 15th Street patching is complete, though Eckerle sought and was granted approval to have the street closed tomorrow from 5 til 9 pm between Newton and Vine streets for some touch up work. Finally, Eckerle stated that the liquid road project would require 6 tanker loads of the liquid road solution and that project will continue for about 2 weeks.