Man Suffers Medical Condition, Wrecks into Huntingburg Business

No one was injured following an accident along 4th Street in Huntingburg that ended with a vehicle hitting a local business.

Huntingburg Police say 47-year-old Shawn Denton of Huntingburg was westbound on 4th Street just after 11:50 pm last night when police say he experienced a medical condition. Denton lost control of his vehicle and hit the back of a parked truck owned by Alan Kern of Huntingburg. The impact sent Kern’s truck into the back of a vehicle owned by Clint and Erica Carie of Dubois, which then hit the back of a parked car owned by Diana Jackle of Huntingburg. All three vehicles were parked along the north side of 4th Street. Denton’s vehicle came to rest against the front of the Gaslight restaurant along 4th Street while Kern’s vehicle came to rest on the sidewalk on the north side of 4th Street.

Denton was taken to Memorial Hospital for treatment of the medical condition. There were no further injuries. Denton’s vehicle and Kern’s vehicle both suffered 10 thousand dollars worth of damage while Clint and Erica Carie’s vehicle suffered 25 hundred dollars worth of damages and Jackle’s vehicle suffered 1 thousand dollars worth of damage.

No charges were filed.