Truck Driver Altercation Ends With Arrest

An altercation between a truck driver and a truck stop employee in Gibson County resulted in the driver’s arrest.

At about 6:10 am yesterday morning, Indiana State Police were called to the Pilot Truck Stop East at the intersection of U.S. 41 and Warrenton Road on a report of an altercation. The investigation conducted by state police reveals that 43-year-old Edward Raber of Sharon, PA entered the shower facility without paying and allegedly defecated in the shower stall though restrooms were nearby. Raber was Raberapproached by an employee who witnessed the incident. Raber then allegedly shoved the male employee and left the building. That employee plus two other employees went outside and took photos of Raber’s truck and its license plate. Raber drove out of the parking lot, but re-entered it only seconds later and drove directly towards the three employees. Two of them jumped out of the way, but the man that had been shoved earlier was hit by the front bumper of the truck. He fell to the ground, but refused any medical treatment. Raber fled southbound on US 41.

He was located along Interstate 64 near US 231 at approximately 8 am yesterday morning. Raber was arrested and lodged in the Gibson County jail, where he faces Class B misdemeanors for reckless driving and battery and Class A misdemeanors for criminal recklessness with a vehicle and trespassing.