City of Loogootee Gains Control of Street

The City of Loogootee has come to an agreement to take control of a street in the city that someone else had been paying taxes for.

The city is set to take back control of Bridgewater Street after Habitat for Humanity had been paying taxes on the road for quite some time.Habitat for Humanity Executive Director Richard Kluesner brought the proposal to the Loogootee City Council at a recent meeting after several housing projects had been completed in the area. Kluesner says that with the completion of the houses, coupled with his impending departure, the organization could no longer afford to pay taxes on the road. The city approved taking the road back as long as they don’t have to repave it right now. The city is planning to add it to a list of streets that need to be blacktopped in the future.

In other business from the council meeting, Councilman Fred Dupps reported his findings on the problems concerning Calcar Paving. The organization subcontracted the work to pave several streets in the city to another company and the city was not satisfied with the work that was done. The explanation given to the city was that the original paving was done in November, which was too late in the year to be doing paving projects.

The council ultimately decided to award paving bids in May so that work can get done over the months of June to September. Additionally, the council will not allow work to be subcontracted out by any company that earns a bid for a paving project.