ISTEP Scores Released; Local Schools Show Improvements

Yesterday marked the release of ISTEP scores across the state of Indiana and multiple area school surpassed the state’s target pass rate.

Statewide, scores were on the increase all across the board according to preliminary data released yesterday by the Indiana Department of Education. Nearly 80 percent of students statewide passed the English section of the exam, up from a flat 79 percent last year and 83 percent of students all across the state passed the math section of the test, up from 81 percent last year. In all, 73 percent of students all across the state passed both sections of the ISTEP exam.

Locally, numbers were also up across the board. Data for Cedar Crest Intermediate School and Celestine, Chrisney, Ferdinand, Lincoln Trail, Otwell, Pine Ridge, Holy Family and Precious Blood elementary schools shows that more than 90 percent of their students passing both the English and Math sections of the exam. All students at Celestine and Pine Ridge elementaries who took the exam passed the English section of the exam and all Otwell Elementary students passed the math section of the ISTEP exam.

In all, 8 area schools showed improvements in their scores from last year, with Heritage Hills Middle School and Pine Ridge Elementary having the largest of the increases at 6 percent.

The results come a little bit later than normal this year following glitches with the state’s computerized test system, which is run through CTB/McGraw-Hill that interrupted the test for roughly 80 thousand third through eighth graders across the state who took the test, according to a study commissioned by the state. About 1,400 of the results could be thrown out to prevent the tainting of the overall test scores, which was suggested by Richard Hill, the man who conducted the review of scores and is the co-founder of the National Center for the Improvement of Education Assessment, based in New Hampshire.

More specific category scores, such as those for special needs students, will be released sometime within the next few days and science scores are expected out next month.