Jasper School Board: 9/16

Budget season is upon us and one local school district has its new budget in place.

Last night the Greater Jasper Consolidated School Board adpoted the the corporation’s budget for 2014.

Before the board gave it’s approval Superintedent Dr. Tracy Lorey noted to the board that all advertising requirements were met and a public hearing was held at last month’s meeting on August 26th with no questions or comments from the public.

No changes were given to the origionally proposed budget which totals $35,814,289. The budget is made up of the corporation’s general fund, debt service, pension repayment, capital projects, transportation and bus replacement fund as well as rainy day fund. All are incorporated in the total budget amount.

Lorey says as is the case each year the corporation will adverise it’s tax rate higher than normal knowing that when the department of local government finance approves it cuts will be made:

The 2014 budget will now be passed to the Local Government of Finance for final approval. Lorey says she hopeful the corporation will recieve a tax rate similar to last year’s which was about $1.14 per 100-dollars of assesed value.

And collective bargaining for teachers in the Greater Jasper district is now completed. The Greater Jasper Board approved the collective barganing agreement between the corporation and the Jasper Classroom Teachers Association at last night’s meeting.

Lorey says the corporation uses a performance pay model that is prescribed by the state board of education and consists of three catagories that teachers may potentially recieve compensation for.

They include the type of college degree a teacher may hold, results of performance evaluations and what leadership opportunities a teacher may contribute to the school and the district.

Lorey says negotiaions between the corporation and the teachers association went along smoothly:

Lorey says the agreement is now an approved document that was agreed upon by the two sides last week. She says any changes will be processed for record at the district’s central office.