Jasper Storm Water Board Approves Storm Water Rate Increase

Yesterday morning, the Jasper Storm Water Management Board held a public hearing for and ultimately approved an increase in stormwater rates for the city.

The rates will go from $2 per Equivalent Residential Unit (ERU) to $3.96 per ERU pending council approval. The change is being brought about due to the need for $2.5 million in needed repairs for the stormwater system.

Jasper mayor Terry Seitz says the increase should help the city be able to make improvements to the storm water systems:

Seitz says the change still keeps Jasper’s stormwater rates below the average cost per ERU across the state:

Seitz says there are about a dozen stormwater projects that need to be completed around the city over the proposed seven year time period. As mentioned a moment ago, the issue will now be brought before the Jasper City Council at its meeting set for next Wednesday, September 18th at 7 pm in Jasper City Hall. If approved, the new rates would likely take effect in January of 2014.