Spencer County Commissioners Working to Solve Building Problems

The Spencer County Commissioners are continuing their efforts to resolve problems surrounding a local business.

The 231 Love Boutique, located just outside of Dale, has been declared condemned and is slated for a tax sale in October. However, the owner of the building (First Philadelphia Ministries of Louisville) is working with the commissioners in their attempt to bring the property into compliance with Indiana’s building requirements.

Previously, the Spencer County inspector has deemed several structures, including a former motel, garage, and restaurant unsafe after several fires and the accumulated effect of years of neglect. First Philadelphia Ministries is approaching the 60 day deadline to either correct the problems with the buildings or demolish them. County commissioners say there is a tax lien on the Love Boutique property and it has a chance of being sold next month. However, representatives of First Philadelphia have indicated that they may opt to sell the property at a private auction in the near future rather than make the necessary repairs to the property.

County commissioners were confused on the private auction and questioned whether both a tax sale and a private auctioning of the property could take place since the tax sale would happen first. However, attorney Jeff Lindsey says an auction sale could still happen following a tax sale on the condition that whoever buys the property at the tax sale would pay the delinquent dues on the grounds. Lindsey cited a caveat which states if a purchase is made on a property that was sold at a tax sale, a hold on the transfer of property deeds is put in place for one year to allow for the titleholder to pay any overdue money. Lindsey added that whoever bought the property would then be subject to the same guidelines to bring the buildings up to code.