Town Manager Search Moving Right Along for Ferdinand

Ferdinand is closing in on a key deadline in the search for its next town manager.

Last night, town council president Ken Sicard updated the council on the ongoing application process to fill the town manager’s vacancy, which was created when former town manager Marc Stecyzk accepted a job at Kimball Office. Sicard told the council that as of Monday evening, 10 applications had been received and a wide range of candidates, including 2 former mayors and a former town manager from other towns and cities, have applied for the position.

Sicard says the diversity of the candidates has made the process very competitive. He also says the interview process will be a little bit different than in most situations:

Sicard says people skills will likely be key for a candidate to distinguish themselves from the rest:

As mentioned earlier, there is a key deadline approaching in the search process. The deadline for applications to be accepted for the job is coming up this Friday, after which Sicard says the council will likely take a week or so to review the individual applications to decide on those they wish to interview for the job. There will also be training done for the interview process before the committee, comprised mostly of the council, begins the interview process.

In other business last night, the council heard from Mary Ann Schilling concerning an issue with a bus turnaround area at Industrial Street and Scenic Hills Drive. Schilling told the council the bus has a hard time turning around there because people pull up right behind the bus, making it impossible to back up. Sicard says the council will bring up the issue with the school corporation first before taking any action. He says the town may see if the industrial community can help out with solving the problem too:

The council also held a public hearing for its 2014 budget, but nobody from the public commented. The $1,930,924 budget, which has already been approved by the Dubois County Council, is set to be adopted at the council’s next meeting on October 8th. This year’s assessed value came in at just over 88.8 million dollars, down 15 percent from last year, and this year’s advertised tax rate as of this point is .7662, which is up 22.3 percent from last year’s .6265 tax rate.

Other highlights from last night included the accepting of a bid from Gary Windholt of Ferdinand for the purchase of the former 1999 Ferdinand Police Department jeep that was put up for sale at last month’s meeting. That bid came in at $1,550. as well as a couple of change orders on the town’s ongoing pedestrian/bike trail project.

Finally, Ferdinand fire chief Dan Lindauer announced that the fire department is currently accepting applications for new firemen. Lindauer told the council that the department is currently at 29 firefighters and would like to get closer to the 33 firefighters that would make up a full force. Lindauer says those interested in applying can contact any current firefighter or they can stop by the Ferdinand fire station.