Daviess County Officials Attempting to Speed Up Road Projects

Officials in Daviess County are now attempting to pick up the pace on the expansion of several local roads, including a key corridor between two towns.

The Odon-Cannelburg Road project, which is down to two final segments of needed work, is the subject of a 12.3 million dollar federal grant application that the Daviess County Commissioners will soon be sending. The commissioners say that money would fill the financial needs to complete the final two segments of the road.

Within current funds, the county can complete the Odon-Cannelburg Road up to County Road 800 North, while the grant money would allow it to be completed up to County Road 1250 North and the park at Odon, according to county highway superintendent Phil Cornelius.

Judy Thomann of BLA Engineering says the funding, which was once capped at $3 million and broken down into smaller groups, is now being funneled into one big group. She says the county is an excellent candidate for the money and the county has a good chance of getting funded.

The county is also working on County Road 900 East as part of a long-term safety project. County Road 900 East is in the process of being widened in order to accomodate the heavier truck traffic that travels over it. Additionally, buggy lanes are being added to separate the traffic that goes along the road. Almost 100 businesses are within 1 mile of the road, which runs through the heart of Amish Country in Daviess County.

Daviess County Commissioners president Tony Wichman says the state is giving the opportunity to the county to get this project done. He says its important to get the road completed for the sake of the residents in the area.

The county is currently preparing its application and state officials are planning to make announcements on funding before the end of this year. If funding is approved, the money would show up beginning in 2017. Additionally, Daviess County would be responsible for coming up with 2.4 million dollars in matching funds though officials say that is not likely to be an issue.