Huntingburg Woman Arrested After Police Tipped To Drug Activity

A Huntingburg woman landed behind bars last night after police were tipped off about possible drug activity.

Huntingburg Police went to an apartment in the 800 block of Shelby Street at around 11 pm last night after receiving an anonymous tip that drug activity might be taking place at that apartment. Upon their arrival there, police spoke with 33-year-old Heather Gibbs and advised her of the complaint. Gibbs, who resided in the apartment, told police that the only contraband in the apartment was a pipe used for Heather Gibbssmoking marijuana. Gibbs gave her consent to search the entire apartment. Upon searching the apartment, police found 4 different types of controlled substances ranging from schedule 2 to schedule 4. Gibbs told police that she had no prescription for the pills that were found and they did not belong to her. Police say the pills were found in a pill bottle with Gibbs’ information on it, but the pills inside didn’t match the label on the bottle.

Gibbs was arrested and lodged in the Dubois County Security Center. She is facing 4 Class C felony counts for possession of a controlled substance and a Class A misdemeanor for possession of paraphernelia. The 4 controlled substance counts are considered as Class C felonies since the apartment complex Gibbs lived in was classified as government housing.

The Dubois County Sheriff’s Department assisted Huntingburg Police.