Perry County Council Makes Necessary Cuts to Budget

The Perry County Council has succeeded in making necessary cuts to its 2014 budget.

The council was originally in a crunch when its two day budget session began back on October 1st. County auditor Connie Berger told the council they had their work cut out for them to cut just over $528,100 from four funds in the county budget. The need for cuts came about due to an issue surrounding the maximum tax levy.

The council spent time last Tuesday and Wednesday finalizing details for spending in the 2014 budget. One of several documents signed was a salary ordinance. That ordinance, with a few exceptions, reflected pay that was authorized for this year with no raises budgeted for 2014. Election workers earned nothing this year as there were no elections and their salaries will be the same as they were in 2012. The council also made a part-time administrative assistant who was being paid through the pre-trial diversion fund into a full-time position.

Berger told the council that the maximum tax levy for the 2014 budget could not increase by more than 2.6 percent. She stated that the maximum levy comes from the amount of tax dollars that can be raised from one year to the next within the levy funds. These funds are the county-general health fund, property-reassessment fund, and cumulative-bridge funds.