Two Arrested in Connection With Fatal Bar Fight

Two arrests have been made in connection with the death of a Dubois man following a bar fight in Jasper last weekend.

Jasper Police took 23-year-old Leslie Osborn Jr and 22-year-old Zachary Parks (both of Petersburg) into custody yesterday in connection with the fight, which took place at JR’s bar at about 3 am last Saturday morning. Both men are facing Class C felonies for involuntary manslaughter.

Jasper Police say they received a call on a non-emergency line from the owner of the bar stating that there had been a fight and there was a man lying on the ground, unresponsive, bleeding, and not breathing. As police and EMS arrived at the scene, they found 41-year-Leslie Osbornold Timothy Ray Stafford of Dubois lying on the ground. Police say Stafford was bleeding from the nose and mouth, was not breathing, and was unconscious. Stafford was initially taken to Memorial Hospital and was later flown by helicopter to St. Mary’s hospital in Evansville. Stafford died of his injuries at about 7:20 pm central time Wednesday according to police. An autopsy by the Vanderburgh County Coroner’s Office is set to take place today.

The investigation included speaking with several eyewitnesses, both at the scene and at the Jasper Police Department in the days after the fight as well as collecting evidence. According to their findings, police have determined that two unidentified people had gone outside of JR’s and gotten into an altercation. Police say both Parks and Osborn were friends with one of the men in the fight and that Stafford knew the other man involved. Once outside, Stafford attempted to intervene in the fight, but was confronted by Osborn. Osborn and Stafford began fighting, during which Stafford was struck in the face at least twice by Osborn. After that fight was broken up by Zachary Parksthe owner of JR’s, Stafford approached Parks and attempted to punch him. Parks then hit Stafford in the face, knocking him unconscious according to police. Once Stafford was on the ground unconscious, Parks got on top of Stafford and began hitting him in the face multiple times though numerous people told him that Stafford was unconscious according to witness testimony and evidence gathered from the scene. While that was going on, eyewitnesses told police that Osborn also hit Stafford at least once in the mid torso area while Stafford remained unconscious and not breathing. Both Parks and Osborn were separated from Stafford after a short time according to police.

Police say the investigation into this incident is still ongoing. Jasper Police have been assisted in the investigation by the Dubois and Pike County Sheriff’s Departments as well as the Dubois County Prosecutor’s Office. Anyone with any further information is asked to call Jasper Police at 482-2255 and speak with Detective Sgt. Rick Chambers.