VUJC Holds ‘Manufacturing Day’ Celebration

Yesterday was a special day on the Vincennes University Jasper Campus.

‘Manufacturing Day’ was hosted at the Center for Technology, Innovation, and Manufacturing on the VUJC campus. The event was hosted as a celebration of yesterday’s ‘National Manufacturing Day.’ Local companies such as Kimball International, Jasper Engines, and MasterBrand Cabinets were partnered with selected local students, who researcheddesigns, histories and purposes for various products of the company that they were partnered with.

CTIM director Ray Niehaus says it was a good opportunity for students to get a local perspective on manufacturing:

Niehaus says getting the kids involved is good because the manufacturing base has been expanding. He says people with the necessary skills for manufacturing are needed:

Several local students participated in the event, including Forest Park High School senior Jason Brier. Brier, who was partnered with MasterBrand Cabinets, says this event was great for creating future opportunities for students:

Local companies also found yesterday’s event to be beneficial. Kieth Metcalf, an industrial designer for Kimball Office, says being able to reach out to students and the community as a whole is very important:

Yesterday also featured a demonstration of an unmanned aerial system technology that has uses for farmers. The PrecisionHawk Company of Indianapolis led yesterday’s demonstration. The company makes small, autonomous aircraft that could be fitted with electronic sensors for the remote inspection of fields. The fields could be checked for the status of the crops, drainage, weed infestation, and pathogen tracking among other applications. The plane is roughly 3 feet in size and is hand-launched. Before launch, the plane is programmed with geographic coordinates of the area to be surveyed. Using those coordinates once it is launched, the plane then locates the coordinates and determines wind direction as well as wind speed to plan out its flight path. For more on the technology, you can visit

Manufacturing Day is coordinated so that national and local manufacturers can reach out to demonstrate potential in the modern manufacturing industry as well as to foster interest in a career in manufacturing for young people. The event was originally created to correct misconceptions of the public about the industry.

The main goal of the event is to inform students and the community about the variety of world-class products made in the Dubois County region.