Water Committee to Recommend Study on Raising Beaver Lake Levels

Yesterday morning the Jasper Utility Service Board’s water committee decided to recommend to the board that it look into how Beaver Lake’s water level can be raised and what the costs would be to do so.

The committee also will recommend that the board consider adding a second dam to Patoka River to create a secondary pool of water that could be used in emergencies.

Water committee members and about 20 owners of lots at the city-owned lake east of Jasper gathered at a meeting yesterday morning at city hall that featured Evansville based Morley and Associates managing project engineer Lee McClellan.

McClellan provided a report that outlined how the lake’s water level before a new spillway was installed last year was higher than it should have been because the channel that was there kept the water from flowing through as it should.

McClellan pointed out that with the new spillway and the fact that the channel was taken out, the water level is now where it should have been all along, though lower than what residents are used to.

Wayne Schuetter, president of the utility board and a member of the committee, said that while the committee and board are concerned about how the current lower level affects the recreation at the lake, their biggest concern is having an adequate supply of water should the city need it in an emergency.

Because of those concerns, the committee will ask that the board look into the costs of raising the lake level and for creating a secondary pool in the river.