Barr-Reeve Schools Complete Collective Bargaining Process

A Daviess County school corporation has completed its collective bargaining process for its teachers.

Earlier this week, the Barr-Reeve School Board approved a new certified teacher contract for 2013-2015. According to superintendent Travis Madison, the new contract stipulates that 75 percent of teacher pay will be based on a particular teachers’ performance rating. The remaining 25 percent will be based off of a teachers’ years of experience.

Madison says the new contract provides base increases to the corporation’s effective or highly effective teachers only. He says teachers are evaluated at least 4 times a year by the administration and a complete evaluation based off of the reports done throughout the year will be done for each teacher at the end of the year to make pay determinations.

Though teachers will have to wait longer to reach the top of the new pay scale under the deal, Madison says raises will be more equal to employees over their years of experience. The percentage of a teachers pay based off of their years of experience is capped at 33 by Indiana mandate.