City of Loogootee Addressing Protocol Issues with Emergency Personnel

The City of Loogootee has begun addressing issues with protocols amongst emergency personnel.

Last week, a meeting was held between emergency personnel and city officials concerning issues with protocols. City councilman Rich Taylor says the main issue stems from emergency personnel so often showing up to fender bender type accidents that really only require an officer and a wrecker the majority of the time. He says there have been a lot of questions surrounding the need for so many emergency personnel at the fender benders.

Loogootee fire chief Morgan Huebner stated that the ambulance service calls first responders from other departments and those people are not compensated by the ambulance. City council members who were at the meeting discussed the possibility of billing the ambulance service for that type of work. In the end, they thought that would only hurt customers as the cost would be absorbed via what the ambulance service would charge.

First responders, who are certified by the state of Indiana, are trained in emergency care procedures. They can also do things such as maintaining a c-spine and aerial maneuvers. There are several reasons that constitute the calling for first responders. These are: when requested by county EMS, delays in arrival for ambulances ,an ambulance coming from another county, or if EMS requests assistance once on scene for lifting or if a driver is needed.

Martin County’s ambulance service answers both 9-1-1 and private calls. They respond to any personal injury accident or accidents where it is unknown whether or not someone is injured. The ambulance service does NOT respond to property damage only accidents. Other things that the ambulance service responds to include structure fires, lift assists, and patients that are unresponsive or not breathing.

In the end, officials feel like the meeting made a difference. Huebner stated the meeting resolved the issues to a certain extent while Loogootee mayor Noel Harty says he felt like everyone was satisifed. Meanwhile, Taylor stated it will be interesting to see how things work going forward.