Daviess County Corrections Finishes Move into New Building

An area county corrections facility has completed its relocation.

The Daviess County Community Corrections staff finished the move from the old headquarters at the county jail to a new building in the 400 block of West Walnut Street in Washington. Executive director Diana Snider says over a 30 year period, the program has outgrown its previous spaces in the courthouse and the jail. She says now was the perfect time to find a new place.

The move has not been without challenges, however. Snider says a road crew from the jail assisted with some of the moving and the weather made things sloppy on Thursday as they had to move in the rain.

Snider says demand has been on the rise aloing with the number of employees. She says the program started with two full-time and two part-time employees. The program has now grown to include six full-time and three part-time people. She also says the type of people that populate the corrections center has also changed a lot over the years.

In recent years, Indiana officials have turned to alternative sentencing to combat the problem of overcrowding in jails across the state as prisons have begun to fill up. When it comes to the number of people sent into the prison system, Daviess County has one of the lowest rates in Indiana.

The new building was previously owned by Daviess Community Hospital. Community Corrections purchased the building for 34 thousand dollars back on September 1st.