Deadline Passes in Ongoing Jasper Power Plant Litigation

A key deadline in the process over the issues surrounding the Jasper power plant has passed.

Healthy Dubois County and the Jasper Common Council and Utility Service Board missed the October 26th deadline for working out an agreement concerning part of the discovery process.

Last week, the Jasper Common Council and Jasper Utility Service Board requested that Knox County Judge Sherry Gregg-Gilmore (the special judge on the case) rule on a request made to mandate that Healthy Dubois County and its members give requested information as part of the discovery process. This process involves the collection of information and documents that pertain to an upcoming trial. The deadline for the agreement to be in place was set during a hearing back on October 16th.

Healthy Dubois County filed the original lawsuit back in August of 2011. The lawsuit claims that the city held six executive sessions in violation of the Indiana Open Door Law. Since the initial lawsuit was filed, the group has also challenged that meetings that were held with a volunteer group of members of both the common council and utility service board as well as city officials also violated the Open Door law.

Additionally, both sides submitted additional information for Gregg Gilmore to consider last week. Gregg Gilmore is considering whether to grant city officials’ request for a partial summary judgment in their favor concerning any claims of the six executive sessions being in violation of the Open Door Law. City officials also requested the judgment in their favor concerning Healthy Dubois County’s claims for payment of its attorney fees.

The trial for the lawsuit is set for January 14th and 15th in Dubois County Circuit Court with Gregg Gilmore presiding.