Cannelton Schools Voice Support for County’s Ivy Tech Campus

Another Perry County school corporation has voiced its support for keeping the Tell City Ivy Tech campus open.

Members of the Cannelton school board recently adopted a resolution formally supporting the campus in light of the possibility that Ivy Tech may close. Cannelton school superintendent Alva Sibbitt says he thinks the closing of the campus would have a negative impact on residents of the county. Sibbitt says the resolution the Cannelton school board signed is very similar to one that the Tell City-Troy Township school board signed when it expressed its support for the college.

Now the Tell City campus is being considered for closing due to a statewide budget deficit in the Ivy Tech system. The deficit is around 68 million dollars according to some reports, which would necessitate the closure of several campuses. Over the summer, the college’s board of trustees voted to raise tuition by 5 dollars per credit hour each semester over the next two years. Part of the money raised will go towards funding student activities. However, the money generated from that will likely still not be enough to fund necessary improvements at several properties.

The state budget committee approved 63 million dollars of state funding for expansion work at the Anderson, Bloomington, and Indianapolis Ivy Tech campuses. The budget committee actually reported a budget deficit of 78 million dollars at that time.

Sibbitt says several of the students from the district take classes at Ivy Tech. He says the students get college credit and the district pays for their tuition. Sibbitt also pointed to a change in state law that required all state universities to accept Ivy Tech credits that has allowed students to be able to go on and get degrees at Indiana University, Purdue, and other state institutions.