Petersburg Man Arrested In Connection to Fire Investigation

A Petersburg man was arrested recently after authorities say he intentionally burned a mobile home he was living in for insurance money.

56-year-old Kenneth Nash of Petersburg was arrested in connection with a September 17th fire that destroyed his house trailer. A probable cause affadavit states that the fire call came in about 30 minutes after Nash had been told to move his house trailer off of someone else’s property. The Petersburg Fire Department brought in State Deputy Fire Marshal Investigator Matt Wells to find the cause of the fire.

Wells stated in the affadavit that he determined the cause of the fire to have come from the stove top. During his first interview with Wells, Nash stated that he must have left the stovetop on when he left the home to go out of town.

Wells discovered after more investigation that property owner Randy Harris had told Nash to move his trailer off of Harris’ property immediately. Harris had bought the land that the trailer was on several months earlier.

However, during a second interview on December 18th with Wells, Nash admitted to lying about talking with Harris on the day of the fire because he wanted to avoid raising suspicion about the cause of it. According to the affadavit, Nash then admitted that he intentionally set a pot with cooking oil in it on the stove and left the burner on on purpose in order to burn the home down to collect insurance money. Nash received more than 83 hundred dollars from Progressive Insurance for his claim according to the affadavit.

Nash is charged with arson and insurance fraud.