Tell City Preparing to Invest Money for Annexation Efforts

With the recent announcement of annexation plans in Tell City, officials there are prepared to invest millions in the next few years to extend its municipal services to the more than 17 hundred acre area.

The annexation document was originally approved a week ago Monday and marked the first reading of the formal annexation ordinance. That ordinance will be read several times between now and March 3rd of next year, when the annexation is set to come to a formal vote of the city council.

Should the annexation formally be approved by vote, Tell City would have 1 year to provide services such as trash collection, recycling, police and fire protection, and street maintenance. The area for annexation is currently policed by the Perry County Sheriff’s Department and the city is anticipating hiring 1 additional police officer and buying a new squad car to cover the enlarged city boundaries. Officials are estimating that the new officers’ salary and benefits would come out to 55 thousand 100 dollars per year and the new car with equipment would be an additional 51 thousand 500 dollars.

Those aforementioned costs wouldn’t be the only costs, however. City utilities would also be facing high costs to get things done. The annexation plans are projecting that Tell City’s electric department would have to spend nearly 548 thousand dollars to compensate Southern Indiana Power for that company’s lost revenue and electrical equipment should the annexation be formally approved. The previously unveiled financial plan also shows that the city electric utility would have to invest another 1.45 million dollars for the installation of poles, transformers, and both overhead and underground lines in the annexed areas. Savings are expected over the long haul however. The study is projecting a savings of 21 dollars per month on bills for customers once the switch to the city as electric provider was made.