Local Fire Departments Kept Busy with Field Fires

Two local fire departments were kept busy yesterday afternoon after a pair of field fires broke out on opposite ends of the county.

First, firefighters with the Haysville Volunteer Fire Department were called at about 3:30 yesterday afternoon on a report of a bean field on fire near the Tim Huffman residence in the 6800 block of North County Road 200 West. Haysville fire chief John Foreman says Huffman had been clearing a fence row on his property and was burning the brush when the wind picked up. Foreman says the high winds spread the fire into the bean field and started to push it northward. Foreman says crews were able to get the fire put out after it burned about 3 acres of land. Nobody was injured and no other damage was reported according to Foreman.

The Haysville Fire Department responded with 4 trucks and 12 men. They were on scene for about 1 hour.

Then at 4 pm yesterday, crews with the St. Anthony Volunteer Fire Department were called to the Jason Cunningham residence in the 5200 block of East County Road 650 South on a report of a field fire there.

According to St. Anthony assistant fire chief Woody Fischer, fire crews found grass and a wooded area burning when they arrived. Fischer says crews were able to quickly extinguish the fire after it burned about 1 acre of land. Fischer says the fire was caused by hot coals from a fireplace being dumped in the field. High winds also helped to spread this fire according to Fischer. Fischer says no injuries were reported and no property damage.

The St. Anthony department responded with 3 trucks and 15 men. They were on the scene for about 30 minutes.