Washington Man Behind Bars Following Child Molestation Allegations

A Washington man landed behind bars yesterday following an investigation into child molestation allegations.

19-year-old Jalen Eltzroth of Washington was taken into custody yesterday afternoon on warrant for a Class B felony count of child molestation. The charges are in connection with an assault on a then 12-year-old girl back on New Year’s Day of 2013.

Now officers with the Daviess County Sheriff’s Department were alerted to the situation back on December 5th after being contacted by an investigator with the Indiana Department of Child Services. A Jalen Eltzrothsheriff’s department detective then interviewed the now 14-year-old victim. The victim told the detective that Eltzroth forced her to have sex following a New Year’s party last winter. The victim also stated that the incident took place at Eltzroth’s mother’s house in the 2200 block of State Road 57 South.

According to the victim, the incident began when around 4 am last New Year’s Day, began looking at her awkwardly. Later on, the two were in Eltzroth’s bedroom when the girl tried to leave after Eltzroth asked her to have sex with him. According to the affidavit in the case, Eltzroth then blocked his bedroom door and locked it. It is at this point when the incident took place. Afterwards, Eltzroth told the girl not to tell anyone about the incident. Authorities say the girl promised not to because she was afraid and she didn’t want her mother to blame her for the incident.

That’s not the end of the story however. The victim told investigators that Eltzroth texted her about a month later to apologize and say that he missed her. Authorities did not become involved in the case until the victim said something about it to a school counselor.

When interviewed back on December 14th, Eltzroth denied even knowing the victim. Eltzroth then asked police if he was a suspect or witness in the case and after being told that he was a suspect (though not under arrest), he asked for an attorney.

Eltzroth is currently in the Daviess County Security Center, where he is being held on 25 thousand dollars bond.