Ohio Valley Resources Announces Plans for Spencer County Fertilizer Plant

Details for a key economic project in Spencer County have now been announced.

During Friday’s Lincolnland Economic Development Corporation annual luncheon, Ohio Valley Resources President/CEO Doug Wilson formally announced the company’s intentions to build a new fertilizer plant near Rockport.

Wilson says Rockport and the county as a whole were chosen due to several unique features and a great location:

Wilson says the plant is set to create 80 full-time jobs and will be a total investment of 1 billion dollars. He says the economic impact won’t be limited to Spencer County:

A memorandum of understanding for the plant was originally completed between Ohio Valley Resources and Tierra Del Fuego Power and Chemical Company back in late December. Sinopec Engineering will be working with a global engineering firm based in the US to complete front end design, procurement, and construction of the plant.

About 12 hundred workers will be needed to build this plant according to company officials. The plant’s construction is expected to take 3 years.