State Road 245 Construction in Spencer County to Resume

The Indiana Department of Transportation says State Road 245 in Spencer County is again back on the radar for INDOT officials.

A court injunction from the previous construction project has been lifted and INDOT says they will now begin the process of reviewing the corridor for improvements.

Back in 2009 INDOT had a project to reconstruct roughly 3.4 miles of the roadway from State Road 162 south.

Construction began and part of the work was completed when a lawsuit was filed to bring it to a stop. A judge ruled and placed an injunction against the project. Contractor’s crews finished work in areas that had already begun, however at that time the remaining portions of the original project could not be completed.

INDOT says now that the lawsuit has been dismissed and the injunction has been lifted, they will begin collecting and reviewing data to determine what improvements will be made to the corridor. It is estimated that the project will ready for letting in July 2016 with construction to begin later that year.

INDOT plans to keep local officials and motorists informed as the project develops.