‘Team WBDC’ Wins DCCF Trivia Night

A local community foundation held a special event over the weekend and 101 Country WBDC came up a winner.

Team WBDC took home top honors in the Dubois County Community Foundation’s Trivia Night held on Saturday at the Huntingburg Event Center. The winning team was put together by afternoon DJ Kelsey Merkel. It also featured her husband Quintin Merkel, general manager Bill Potter and his wife Janice, Judah DeLorenzo, and Peter Marshall. WBDC listeners Del Bromm and Shelly Leathers were also part of the team. Team WBDC missed just 11 out of the 90 questions while runner-up Einstein’s Prodigies missed 14.

The trivia night is held as a fundraising event for local charities with winners donating funds to a charity of their choice. Team WBDC was paired with the Huntingburg Needy Family Assistance Fund and the fund will receive a 500 dollar donation on behalf of the station. Einstein’s Prodigies was paired with the Jasper Public Library Endowment and that fund will receive a 200 dollar donation. Team “Need Some Help Here” took home 3rd place and their 100 dollar prize will be donated to the Erin Julian Memorial Endowment.

This year’s Trivia Night marked the 6th edition of the event. 30 teams in all entered the contest and each team had 8 members. The 90 questions are broken down into 9 different categories with 10 questions in each category.