Tell City Officials Hope to Keep Branchville Corrections on City Sewer Service

Officials in Tell City are hoping to keep one of their major utility customers on board.

During a recent board of public works meeting, mayor Barbara Ewing expressed optimism that the city would be able to keep the Branchville Correctional Facility on board as one of its major sewer utility customers. The issue here surrounds a pending review of the facility’s finances that could impact how much the facility pays.

Ewing stated that potential changes at the facility could change the way the wastewater at that facility gets treated. The waste is currently pumped down to Tell City via a force main that runs along State Road 37. The changes have now been put on hold by the Department of Correction.

Ewing says the city will instead go through with an engineering and financial review before sitting down with the state and discussing a potential new arrangement. That look could include examining the money that Tell City owes to the state’s revolving loan fund according to Ewing.

Now Bernardin Lochmueller and Associates received a contract to do a basic engineering study. Financial experts with Umbaugh and Associates will then lay the needed groundwork for any financial review and any new charges that might be needed.

The city is set to continue paying for more recent improvements to the sewer line although the debt on the line is set to be paid off in two years. Ewing says the ultimate goal of everything is to keep the Branchville Correctional Facility as a customer, something she says is also a goal of the state.