Cannelton Looking for Other Road Options

The city of Cannelton is now seeking other options for repairs to one of its roads.

Cannelton mayor Mary Snyder recently reported that the Indiana Department of Transportation denied the city’s request for assistance in repairing a road that climbs what is known as “Catholic Hill” locally. Late last year, an INDOT representative looked at the road, which runs from Washington Street to the northeast where it becomes Cannelton Heights Road. Two areas of the road are currently falling away according to Snyder.

Snyder told other city officials late last year that although the road does not qualify as a state highway or a connector road to a state highway, she would be completing paperwork to get the designation of the road changed. Even if Snyder was successful in getting the designation changed, officials say work on the road likely would not start until 2018.

Snyder stated that she had also sought help from state rural development offices, but she was told that no funding was available. Cannelton clerk-treasurer Arvina Bozarth suggested that the city be on the lookout for other potential funding sources for the work. Meanwhile, city councilman Melvin McBrayer says the city will likely have to continue paving the road for the time being to keep it in good enough shape.

Snyder says INDOT did recommend putting a weight limit on the road. She says that has since been taken care of.