Economic Development Agreement Reached for Daviess Co

A new agreement has been reached for economic development in Daviess County.

Officials say the county’s Redevelopment Commission and County Commissioners have made an agreement between themselves and the Daviess County Economic Development Corporation and the Economic Development Foundation. Under the terms of the agreement, Daviess County will make 100 thousand dollars available each year to the EDC. The county will also make 182 thousand 500 dollars per year available to the Economic Development Foundation. The funding will be taken from county Economic Development Income Tax (EDIT) money.

The new contract will kick in once the current 5 year deal between the organizations expires in May. Officials say the collaboration between the organizations for funding has helped with several projects. Those are infrastructure for an expansion at McAllister’s, the Alliance Barrier project, and a project in the Odon area.

Ron Arnold with the Daviess County Economic Development Corporation says the county saw 38 million dollars in new construction last year. He says though the EDC wasn’t involved with all of it, the organization did help to put in roads and utilities to make some of the projects happen.

Now county officials say nearly 1.7 million dollars could be spent over the 6 years of the contract if both economic development groups spend all of the money.