Huntingburg Council: 3/13

A new restaurant is set to come to Huntingburg.

Last night, the Huntingburg City Council approved a 25 thousand dollar loan for Tucker’s Tator Company. The company will be bringing a new Spuds and Stuff Restaurant to downtown. The loan was recommended by the Revolving Loan Committee.

Huntingburg mayor Denny Spinner says the new restaurant will bring more opportunities to 4th Street:

Spuds and Stuff boasts several different options for potatoes. These include chicken, steak, barbecue pulled pork, and vegetable.

In other business, the council heard from the city’s tree committee concerning an ongoing tree problem along 4th Street. Although the trees in bloom liven up 4th Street, they also grow fruit such as crabapples. That fruit has been dropping onto parked cars and onto the sidewalk where folks step on them and drag the mess into stores.

There may be a solution to the problem. Tree committee member Phil Ahrens told the council that his research found a natural solution to the problem. That comes in the form of a spray. Now when applied at the right time of year, the spray helps farmers to eliminate the smaller fruit such as crabapples and only large desired fruit grows on the trees. If the right amount is used, the fruit growth can be stopped altogether without harming the trees. Ahrens told the council the spray would likely have to be used sometime in April and at the right time of day. The council decided to look further into that solution going forward.

In final notes, the council heard from Dan Worl with Indiana Municipal Power Agency about an ongoing Energy Efficiency Program in the city. The program is designed to look at ways that both consumers and utility providers can save money, specifically during peak usage times each year.

Spinner says its good to see such a program in the city for the benefit of utility customers:

IMPA’s program is also set to be used in Jasper going forward.