Jasper School Board: 3/17

Last night, members of the Greater Jasper School Board were provided with an update on the overall academic progress of Jasper Middle School students.

JMS Principal Dave Hubster along with teachers Michaela Eckerle and Cassie Williams presented a report on the school’s status. Specifically, the focus was on the improvement process as it relates to data reviewed by faculty and staff over the past year and how that data is used as far as decision making and addressing school programs.

Hubster says that there are certain areas that the school needs to focus on. He says those include non fiction text in the language arts area and computation and measurement skills in the math category.

Hubster says the overall mission for himself and everyone else at the middle school as far as educating students goes is a simple process:

Among some of the figures provided to the board last night were current attendance rates. This year’s figure is at just over 97 and a half percent, which is slightly lower than last year’s percentage. That percentage garnered an A grade for the school.

The school’s English and Language Arts ISTEP score was just below 86 percent with a school wide math score of just over 88 percent. Both of those were significant improvements from the year before.

Overall, Hubster says he is pleased with how things are going at JMS:

Hubster says the school’s goal is not to just find the next best program for making improvements. He says its important to remember that education is a people driven profession and that includes students, staff, and the community.