Plans for Tell City Annexation Met With Opposition

Tell City’s plan to annex more than 17 hundred acres of property is drawing opposition from folks in that area.

Last week, residents and landowners on the proposed annexation site told city officials that there would be few benefits to the annexation during a public hearing held at City Hall. A packed house saw more than 30 people sign up to speak, though some of those chose not to after saying their questions had been answered. Of those who spoke, not 1 spoke in favor of the annexation.

Now two of the major concerns from the residents’ perspective were potential higher taxes and not wanting to be taken into the city limits. A couple of attorneys spoke, including John Werner. Werner, who represents the And-Tro Water Authority, expressed concerns about that company’s loss of territory and customers should the annexation be completed. The company and the city are currently talking about how to resolve the problems, but the water authority currently wants the city to amend the fiscal plan. The current plan shows the Tell City Water Department as the provider of future water services in the area should there be an annexation.

Mayor Barbara Ewing was the primary defender of the city during the hearing. She explained how the city reached its decision on annexation, a process which included a comprehensive plan’s recommendations. She also pointed to how its been 20 years since an annexation was last done in Tell City.

The issue will be given more consideration during the next council meeting, which is set for April 7th.