Rockport Police Officer Suspended On Lewd Photo Allegations

A longtime member of the Rockport Police Department has been suspended for 21 days for allegedly sending lewd photos of herself.

The Rockport Board of Public Works decided to hand down the suspension on Officer Dawn Krantz after meeting in a closed session.

The board unanimously voted to suspend Krantz after they said separate investigations conducted by the Spencer County prosecutor’s office and the Rockport chief of police showed alleged “conduct unbecoming of an officer” stemming from the use of electronic devices.

Krantz will have an opportunity to appeal the decision and will have five days from the date of official notification of her suspension to ask for a review hearing. If she accepts the terms presented in the documents, her suspension will begin at that time.

If she chooses to appeal, Krantz could legally continue to work but would likely be placed on paid administrative leave during that process.

Krantz will also be required to undergo an evaluation from Southern Hills Counseling Center before resuming her duties.