Loogootee Set to Improve Homes for Elderly

The city of Loogootee is set to improve several homes for the elderly across the city.

Recently, the city was awarded with various grants towards repairing 8 homes in the city. The repairs are being made with an eye towards safety improvements and handicap accessibility. The repairs could include the installation of new windows, new roofing, electrical work, and heating and cooling work among other repairs.

There will also be other work done. This may include making bathrooms more accessible for handicap people through adding grab bars or replacing tubs with walk-in showers. Each of the homes is expected to get about 18 to 20 thousand dollars worth of repairs done on it, though some may need less and others may need more.

Now more than 11 thousand 200 dollars in grant money was awarded for this effort. Just over 11 thousand 123 dollars of that is coming from a USDA Rural Development grant. 151 thousand dollars will be kicked in by the Indiana Housing and Community Development Authority and the remaining funds will be coming from a bank match courtesy of Hoosier Uplands. The SIDC will also be assisting the city with the process.

The funding was originally provided last June. However, the SIDC along with contractors were unable to get any work started until this spring due to busy work schedules. SIDC and its contractors serve a 5 county area.

The money will have to be used by December 31st, although officials say the work is set to be done long before that point. Bids for the work will be accepted at the next meeting of the Loogootee City Council on April 14th. Work is expected to begin soon after.