Montgomery Teen Found with CodeRED System Help

A Montgomery teen who went missing after school yesterday was found with a little help from technology.

Daviess County Sheriff’s deputies say the 14-year-old girl was found yesterday with a little help from the county’s CodeRED notification system. They say the parents reported the girl missing after she did not come home after school. Deputies then interviewed several of her friends. The friends stated that the girl and a male teen were seen leaving the school together.

Sheriff’s deputies originally attempted to find the teens by “pinging” their location via cell phone. Though they were unable to come up with an exact location, the ping did pinpoint an area small enough for notifications to be sent out.

County emergency management director Paul Goss then sent an alert message through CodeRED for that area. In all, 43 people who lived near the area were called and 1 of those people called in a tip on the two teens’ whereabouts. Authorities found the teens a short time later.

Now the CodeRED system is available to any Daviess County resident. It is free to use. Residents can choose to get a text message or a call on their home or cell phones.

Funding for the CodeRED system is courtesy of Knox and Daviess counties along with a grant from Duke Energy and Grain Processing Corporation. For more information or to register, you can go to or and click the link to the “CodeRED” home page.