Perry County Amends Ambulance Service Agreement

An annual agreement for ambulance service in Perry County has undergone some changes.

During its recent regular meeting, the Perry County Commissioners approved an amendment to the ambulance-service contract between the county and Perry Memorial Hospital. The agreement between the two sides has been in place since 1987.

The first amendment to the contract will be that the contract will be in effect through the rest of 2014. The contract will also continue on a year-to-year basis. However, if the commissioners choose not to renew the contract, they must give notice that they will not renew the contract at least 2 weeks prior to its expiration.

The second change is that the hospital will have to give a more thorough account of its operations. That account would be given during discussions held each November.

Another change involves remaining profits once expenses are paid. With the new changes, that money will have to be put into a separate account by emergency medical services. That money would then be used to cover any losses that may happen during the next year.

As for the contract, hospital president and CEO Joe Stuber told the commissioners that he had already reviewed the contract and he would take it to the next meeting of the hospital board for their approval.