6 Benedictine Monks Honored at St. Meinrad

6 Benedictine monks with the St. Meinrad Archabbey have celebrated their jubilees of monastic profession.

Brother Benedict Barthel celebrated his 75-year jubilee while Father Rupert Ostdick celebrated his 70-year jubilee. Father Vincent Tobin and Father Augustine Davis each celebrated 60-year jubilees, Father Raymond Studzinski celebrated 50 years and Father Godfrey Mullin celebrated 25 years.

A native of Evansville, Brother Benedict originally came to St. Meinrad in 1936 to attend St. Placid Hall. He originally professed his vows in February of 1939. He was assigned to work at the Abbey Press in 1939 and spent more than 40 years there in addition to serving in other roles.

Father Rupert hails from Elgin, Illinois. He professed his vows in August of 1944 and was ordained to the priesthood in May of 1948. He served more than 30 years as the Archabbey’s treasurer and business manager and more than a decade as the general manager of the Abbey Press. He was also a member of the Archabbey Council for nearly 30 years.

Father Vincent is a native of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. He professed vows as a Benedictine monk in July of 1954. He is a 1956 graduate of St. Meinrad College with a bachelor’s degree in history. He later earned a baccalaureate in sacred theory in 1960 from the Catholic University of America. He was ordained to the priesthood in May of 1959.

Father Augustine comes from Cedar Rapids Iowa. He came to St. Meinrad after graduating high school to study for the priesthood. He professed vows in July of 1954 and was ordained in May of 1959. He earned his master of arts in industrial arts from Indiana State University in 1964. His roles at St. Meinrad included serving as assistant director of St. Placid Hall up until that school’s 1966 closure.

Meanwhile, Father Raymond is a Detroit, Michigan native. He professed vows in August of 1964 and was ordained in September of 1969. He served as an assistant professor in St. Meinrad’s School of Theology from 1973 to 1977 and currently serves as an associate professor of spirituality in the School of Theology and Religious Studies at the Catholic University of America. He has been at that university since 1981.

And Father Godfrey hails from Alton, IL. He earned a bachelor’s degree in history from Saint Meinrad College in 1988. He professed vows as a Benedictine monk in 1989 and was ordained in June of 1994 after completing his priesthood studies at St. Meinrad’s School of Theology. He served as pastor of St. Mary’s Catholic Church in Huntingburg from 2012 through 2013. He now serves as assistant professor of sacramental and liturgical theology at St. Meinrad and as rector of St. Benedict Cathedral.