City of Washington Updating Sewer Overflow Plans

The city of Washington is updating its sewer overflow procedures in the wake of recent problems.

City officials were informed by the Indiana Department of Environmental Management earlier this month that there had been 8 occasions where untreated waste water made its way into nearby Hawkins Creek. The number is lower than in recent years, but its still not compliant with IDEM’s requirements.

Washington mayor Joe Wellman told the citycouncil earlier this week that a new action plan to address the issue is being put together. The new plan will show how the city plans to prevent further problems with untreated wastewater entering Hawkins Creek. That plan has to be submitted to IDEM by September.

In other business, the council approved rezoning a roughly 10 acre area along Bussard Road. The land, owned by Jason Knepp, is being rezoned as Residential 2. That will allow for the subdivision to have smaller lots.