Ferdinand Police Investigate Extensive Property Damage Accident

Ferdinand Police are continuing to investigate an accident that caused extensive damage to 2 vehicles yesterday.

At 5:55 pm, police were called to State Road 162 south of 9th Street for the reported accident. Police say 46-year-old Melissa Wehr of St. Anthony had been going southbound on State Road 162 when she saw an unidentified vehicle headed northbound that she thought was going to hit her vehicle. Wehr then swerved right to avoid the oncoming vehicle and hit an unoccupied vehicle belonging to Rock Emmert that was parked along State Road 162. The impact pushed Emmert’s vehicle about 20 feet before it stopped according to police.

Wehr was not injured in the accident. Damage to both vehicles was estimated at 85 hundred dollars. No charges have been filed as of this morning, but police say Wehr was faulted for the accident and is responsible for the damage to both vehicles.

Wreckers from Berg’s Garage and Hasenour Motor Company also assisted.