South Spencer Teacher Publishes Book

A Spencer County author’s book is hitting stores nationwide this week.

The book is titled “My Daddy Always Tol’ Me.” It was written by South Spencer High School teaching assistant Tom Kuchenbrod. The book is focused on self-management.

The book functions as a no-nonsense guide to life through examples from Kuchenbrod’s own life. It also features advice that he has given to students through the years as he helped them through difficult times in life.

The book is being published by Tate Publishing and Enterprises. You can get the book at your local bookstore or online at Barnes and Noble and are also offering the book through their websites.

Kuchenbrod has worked as a teaching assistant at South Spencer for 15 years. He received his bachelor’s degree in history education.

Kuchenbrod also served in the Army and the Air Force. He’s worked in law enforcement both as a patrolman and as a jailer.