Huntingburg Airport Moving Forward with Hangar Project, Budget

A new hangar for the Huntingburg Airport has taken another step towards becoming reality.

Last night, the Dubois County Airport Authority opened 5 bids for the project. The bids were classified into Division A or Division B. 3 bids were Division A while the other 2 were Division B.

Now all 5 bids came in higher than what Wolpert Engineering had estimated. Airport manager Travis McQueen says in spite of that, the project will continue to move forward:

Wolpert will now go through the bids and come up with a recommendation for the board. That recommendation will be heard during a special meeting set up for Thursday at noon. The meeting will be held at the airport.

In other business, the board approved its 2015 budget. Now its broken down into 2 funds, which are the operating budget and the cumulative budget. The operating budget is set at just over $392,500 for next year while the cumulative budget will be at 300 thousand dollars.

The overall budget is up 13 percent this year, a change McQueen attributed to the hiring of certified flight instructors for student flight training along with rising costs of insurance. McQueen says all is well with this year’s budget and things should stay that way in future years:

The budget will be brought before the Dubois County Council for their approval on August 18th. The budget will also have to be approved by the Huntingburg City Council. McQueen says a date for that presentation is still being worked out.