Huntingburg BPW Votes to Demolish Burch Residence

The home of a Huntingburg woman is now set to be demolished.

This morning, the Huntingburg Board of Public Works voted to demolish the home of Mary Burch. The decision comes after the board opted to stay the order last month to allow Burch more time to get her home in order.

Now Burch was in attendance again this morning. She testified that improvements have been made and more would’ve been done. She asked the board for another 30 days to continue work on the home. That request was denied by the board.

Burch noted that she had applied for a 75 hundred dollar grant from the USDA. She stated that she had sufficient funds to continue improvements. However, board member Roger Cox said he had been past the home numerous times since last month’s meeting. He says he felt it wasn’t possible for Burch to afford repairs to the home to get it up to city code. Both Cox and fellow board member Keith Souders felt Burch’s money could be better spent. In the end, the board felt that the demolition was in the best interest of all involved.

City code enforcement officer Steve Collett, along with Shawn Werner with the Dubois County Health Department and local TRI-CAP home inspector Eric Curtis, inspected the home 3 times, most recently yesterday. Collett concluded that little progress was made in the last month:

Meanwhile, Huntingburg mayor Denny Spinner says it was a tough decision. However, he says the situation was hazardous and had to be dealt with:

With today’s decision, Burch now has 10 days to file an appeal with either the Dubois Superior or Circuit Courts. In the meantime, she must prove that efforts are being made to demolish the home within the next 30 days. The demolition has to be done in the next 60 days.