School Officials Continue to Warn About Bus Safety

Local officials are again warning folks to beware of school buses as school gets back in session.

At a press conference this afternoon, Dubois County Sheriff Donny Lampert again asked folks to consider child safety when out on the roads.

Now the sheriff’s department has already gotten a lot of complaints in regards to people running school bus stop arms. Lampert says that behavior will not be tolerated.

He also says other agencies have been working with the sheriff’s department to crack down on drivers who choose to break the law:

Now Greater Jasper superintendent Dr. Tracey Lorey also took part in this afternoon’s press conference. Lorey says part of the problem has to do with people not always paying attention to what they’re doing while driving:

Running a school bus stop arm is a Class A infraction in Indiana. That infraction carries a 124 dollar fine and could even result in someone’s license being suspended.

Lampert is again reminding parents and guardians to teach their kids about being safe when getting onto or off of the school bus. That includes looking both ways before crossing the street.