Progress has slowed a bit with the Huntingburg Airport’s new T-hangar project, though officials are pleased with the overall pace of the work.

Last night, airport manager Travis McQueen told the board that contractor WB Koester of Evansville has built the field up to final grade for the new hangar. However, McQueen says the rain has halted the project for the time being.

McQueen says all is well to this point. He also says the next portion of work on this project is now in site:

WB Koester’s work on this project is expected to cost more than 318 thousand dollars. Jasper Lumber’s work will come in at close to 308 thousand.

Also last night, McQueen gave the board another positive fuel report. He says activity at the airport has been on a steady upward trend throughout the year. The last 30 days have seen the airport acquire more than 25 thousand gallons of Jet A fuel.

McQueen says local pilots and folks coming in to the area to work with local businesses have been a driving force behind the growth:

McQueen says the airport believes it has been blessed with the business increase. He says airport officials remain hopeful that it continues.

A pair of Dubois County Leadership Projects are continuing to move forward in Jasper.

Jasper mayor Terry Seitz says the first of these is callboxes along the Riverwalk. That project was originally proposed by Josh Gunselman, who is a Jasper resident.

Now this project was originally started last year. The goal is to give folks along the Riverwalk the ability to call for law enforcement or other emergency help should an emergency situation arise.

Seitz says to this point, 3 of the call boxes have been installed and are active. He says a total of 6 boxes will be put up before all is said and done. Seitz says the goal is to keep the boxes out of the flood area and to avoid the rain during the installation process.

Seitz says seeing this project continue to grow is the product of many different individuals and organizations:

Now Seitz says the boxes will be spread out all across the river walk. The first 3 were installed along the bottom of the Riverwalk. The other 3 will be put along the upper portion of the trail.

The second project is the continuing efforts towards having a dog park in Jasper. Jasper resident Jill Cravener, who was the city’s 2014 designee for the DCLA, proposed the idea earlier this year.

Seitz says the new park is set to be located just north of Gutzweiler Park near the Buffalo Trace Golf Course. He says the fence framework for the park is already done.

Seitz says a lot of the credit for the project coming about goes to Cravener:

Seitz says the goal is to open the dog park in the spring of 2015.

The Vincennes University Jasper Campus will be playing host to an event aimed at getting folks to better understand Latino culture.

The VUJC Latino Cultures training is designed to help folks to understand the culture, customs, and rituals of the Latino community among other things. This will be done through group exercises and an interactive hands-on approach.

Now the hands-on approach will allow participants to transfer their knowledge and learning into tangible understanding of Latino culture. Participants will also learn to “Think Latino” and have the needed skills and tools to anticipate certain behaviors in order to build and promote healthier relationships and trust among the local Latino population.

The cost for this course is 69 dollars. It will be held from 8 am til noon on November 14th in the Center for Technology, Innovation, and Manufacturing at VUJC. The event is being facilitated by Maura Robinson. Robinson also coordinated a Latino summit in Huntingburg back in May.

To register, you can call Jim McFaul at 481-5937. You can also email him at jmcfaul at

The Jasper Police Department is investigating yet another vehicle theft.

The department says a green 1998 Pontiac Grand Prix was stolen from Arlington Court early this morning. Police say the keys had been left in it. The car was found later this morning. It was wrecked into a ditch on County Road 175 East which is northeast of the city. This is the 4th vehicle theft to be reported in Jasper over the last month.

Jasper Police and the Community Strike Force Against Crime are offering a 15 hundred dollar reward for information that leads to the arrest and conviction of those responsible for this theft.

Anyone who has any information is asked to call the Jasper Police Department at 482-2255. You can also call the department’s anonymous tip line at 481-COPS.

A reported hit-and-run accident led to a Huntingburg man’s arrest on multiple charges overnight.

At 9:30 last night, Huntingburg Police were called to an area near 5th and Washington Streets on the reported accident. Police say 47-year-old Teodoro Vazquez-Moreno had been driving erratically while going eastbound in the 600 block of East 5th Street prior to the accident. When he turned southbound onto Washington Street, his truck ran into a parked Mercedes owned by 25-year-old Emmanuel Rodriguez of Jasper. The impact pushed Rodriguez’s car up onto the curb, knocking over a bush at a residence in the 400 block of East Washington Street. Police say nobody was in the car at the time of the incident.

Dubois County Sheriff’s deputies were then notified of the incident. They were told that the suspect Teodoro Morenovehicle was a dark Ford F-150 extended cab with a toolbox in the back. At about 9:50 pm, a deputy was traveling northbound on Van Buren Street near 1st Street when he saw the truck going southbound in the northbound lane coming towards him. The truck then nearly hit the deputy head-on.

The deputy turned his car around and noticed that the vehicle matched the description of what Huntingburg Police were looking for. He followed the truck and noted that it was still going southbound in the northbound lane. The deputy then pulled Moreno’s truck over.

Moreno told the deputy he didn’t have a valid driver’s license. He also appeared to be intoxicated. Further investigation confirmed that he was intoxicated with a BAC of .25 percent, more than 3 times the legal limit.

Moreno was lodged in the Dubois County Security Center. Sheriff’s deputies charged him with operating while intoxicated and operator never licensed. Huntingburg Police charged Moreno with leaving the scene of an accident.

Dubois County Sheriff’s deputies took a Holland man into custody after a weekend domestic dispute turned violent.

At 1:05 yesterday morning, sheriff’s deputies were called to a residence in the 10000 block of south State Road 161 in Holland on the reported dispute. Deputies learned on the way to the scene that a handgun was involved.

When deputies arrived, they were told that 55-year-old James Twomley had taken out a handgun and tried James Twomleyto shoot the victim. Deputies say Twomley fled from the scene on foot to some woods nearby before deputies arrived.

Deputies found Twomley in the woods a short time later. He was taken into custody and the handgun he used was also found.

Twomley was lodged in the Dubois County Security Center. He is currently facing a Level 5 felony for intimidation with a deadly weapon.

Sheriff’s deputies say this case remains under investigation. They say more charges will be filed after their investigation is complete.

An Indiana State Police K-9 was used in the weekend arrest of an Orange County burglary suspect…and may have even saved his life while doing so.

At about 5 o’clock Saturday afternoon, an Orange County sheriff’s deputy was on patrol along County Road 250 East near Paoli when he saw a burglary taking place in the 6200 block of South County Road 250 East. When he arrived, the deputy arrested 35-year-old Angel Sue Smith of Mitchell. However, a second suspect (47-year-old Mark Lee VanDyke also of Mitchell) had hidden inside of the home’s crawlspace.

Just before 6:15 pm, off-duty trooper Robert Lambert and K9 “Diesel” were called in to help out. Police Mark Lee VanDyke

Orange Co Burglary 1tried unsuccessfully several times to get a hold of VanDyke using the PA system on their cars. Finally at 7:20 pm, Diesel was sent into the crawlspace. Diesel found VanDyke inside of an air conditioning duct and bit him.

Now here’s where the life-saving begins. VanDyke agreed to come out of the crawlspace but at this point, he was stuck inside of the duct. An hour-long rescue effort then began, with Trooper Lambert and Orange Co Burglary 1Orange County sheriff’s deputies pulling about 30 feet of the duct out of the crawlspace. They then cut the duct away and got VanDyke out.

VanDyke was found in a nearly hypothermic state due to the wet and cold conditions he had been in. He had also nearly suffocated inside of the vent. Had Diesel not found him inside of the duct, authorities say VanDyke may not have lived.

After being taken to IU Health Hospital in Paoli for medical clearance, VanDyke was lodged in the Orange County Jail. He is facing Level 6 felonies for theft and residential entry along with Class A misdemeanors for criminal mischief and resisting law enforcement.

Meanwhile, Smith is facing Level 6 felonies for theft and residential entry along with a Class A misdemeanor for criminal mischief.