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2 Orange County parents were taken into custody on more than 30 charges following a nearly month-long investigation into allegations that they served alcohol to underage youth.

Back on August 27th, Indiana State Police Trooper Craig Starr began investigating after he received a complaint about 2 parties in Orleans where minors were given alcoholic beverages by the parents of one of the teenagers. With the help of Orleans Police Chief Roy McFarland, Starr discovered that 38-year-old Rachel Davis and 39-year-old Andrew Davis had bought and provided alcoholic beverages for parties that their daughter was hosting at their house. Trooper Starr also found that Andrew Davis had been mixing drinks for the teenagers and setting up tables for drinking games. Meanwhile, Rachel Davis encouraged the teens to deny that the drinking had taken place.

After interviews were done and statements taken, the case was turned over to the Orange County Prosecutor’s Office. The prosecutor then filed charges through the Orange County Circuit Court. Warrants for both Rachel and Andrew Davis’ arrests were served yesterday.

Rachel and Andrew are each facing 18 charges. These are 9 counts for Providing or Furnishing Minors with Alcoholic Beverages and 9 counts for Contributing to the Delinquency of a Minor. All 36 counts are misdemeanors.

The boil order for Jasper and Ireland water customers continues into its third day, though city officials say the end is now in sight.

Yesterday afternoon, the Jasper Water Department began flushing hydrants across the city. The flushing began after clearance was obtained from the Indiana Department of Environmental Management.

Now city officials say the flushing cycle yesterday afternoon was successful. They say readings at the plant are now within safe guidelines and sampling throughout the system is now underway. According to city officials, this means we are now in the 48 hour testing cycle. During that cycle, samples must remain at safe levels citywide for 2 24 hour periods. If that happens, Sunday would be the earliest that the boil order would be lifted.

Folks are still being encouraged to boil all water used for drinking, coffee, tea, powdered drinks, fountain drinks, ice, brushing your teeth, and washing your dishes.

As the state and various advocacy groups continue to fight over funding for domestic violence prevention efforts, 1 local organization says its paying very close attention.

The Indiana Criminal Justice Institute, state lawmakers, and advocacy groups including the Indiana Coalition Against Domestic Violence, are at odds over a planned 1 million dollars in state funding cuts for domestic violence prevention efforts. Indiana Coalition Against Domestic Violence executive director Laura Berry says the governor’s office is seeking cuts of just over 160 thousand dollars. A spokesman for the ICJI says the remaining cuts are being recommended by one of the institute’s subcommittees. The governor’s office has denied Berry’s allegation.

Locally, Crisis Connection receives 70 percent of its funding from the state. The remainder of it comes locally. Community education specialist Joan Knies says losing any portion of the state funding would likely mean less services available to folks:

Knies says a lot of what Crisis Connection does is geared towards educating kids about domestic violence and bullying. She says the reception from students is usually positive:

Knies says the support of the community is always appreciated. She also says there are ways folks here locally can help solve the funding crisis:

For more information on Crisis Connection or to help out, you can contact their office in Jasper at 482-1555. Crisis Connection also has offices in Rockport and in Tell City.

Now yesterday, Berry said her group had reached a deal with ICJI to eliminate the cuts. However, Indiana Criminal Justice Institute spokesman Gary Abell says there’s no such agreement and the funding will be discussed today at a meeting of the Institute’s board of trustees.

Berry says the deal calls for a separate meeting in 2 weeks, during which the entire 3.5 million dollars allocated by the state legislature will be approved.

8th District Congressman Larry Bucshon will be returning to Dubois County next week.

Bucshon will speak at the Eagles Club along 6th Street in Huntingburg. The speech is set for 12:30 on Monday afternoon.

Bucshon was originally elected to office back in 2010. He previously served as president of Ohio Valley HeartCare. Ohio Valley is recognized as the most comprehensive cardiology and cardiovascular surgery practice in the Tri-State region. He also served as Chief of Cardiothoracic Surgery and the Medical Director of St. Mary’s Hospital’s open heart recovery intensive care unit.

Buschon and his wife, Kathryn live in Warrick County with their 4 children. Kathryn is a practicing physician and anesthesiologist in Evansville.

Questions may be directed to Huntingburg Chamber director Nick Stevens at 683-5699.

Officials at Daviess Community Hospital have announced the launch of their Clinical Documentation Improvement (CDI) program.

The program was officially launched earlier this week. It’s aimed at improving on the accuracy and timeliness of clinical documentation as the demand for it increases.

Hospital officials say successful CDI programs facilitate accurate representations of a patient’s clinical status that translate into coded medical data. That data then is translated into things such as quality report cards, physician report cards, and public health data.

For more information relating to clinical documentation, you can contact Clinical Documentation Specialist Shelley Barr. That number is 812-254-2760 extension 1556.

Troopers with the Indiana State Police Jasper Post are continuing to investigate a weekend murder in northern Daviess County..and they want your help in doing so.

Just before 5:10 last Saturday morning, a state police trooper found the body of 40-year-old Aaron Byers of Elnora in a corn field along Crime Scene 1County Road 300 East, about a quarter of a mile south of State Road 58 just west of Elnora.

State police say their detectives and investigators have been working relentlessly on the case. Numerous interviews have been conducted and several leads have been pursued, but state police say they now need help from the public.

Anyone who has any information on what happened is asked to call the Indiana State Police Jasper Post. That number is 482-Byers Truck1441. State police say any information folks can provide may turn out to be critical in solving the case.

State police say other details concerning the autopsy and the cause of Byers’ death are being withheld due to that information still being used by investigators to solve the case. No specific timetable for the release of that information has been set.

There is still work to be done in Spencer County, though progress has been made.

That was the message delivered during this morning’s state of the county address. County commissioners Al Logsdon and Jim Seiler delivered the speech. Logsdon pointed to schools as a great example of the progress in the county. He stated he was proud of both county school districts as they both were close to being among the elite school systems in the state based on test scores.

Another topic of discussion was the condition of roads in the county. Logsdon says despite complaints from some folks, the roads are as well-maintained as they can be for now:

Logsdon and Seiler also told the crowd that the county has laid out long-term plans for paved roads countywide. He stated there are no plans for any of the gravel roads as of this point.

On the negative side, Logsdon and Seiler addressed the issue of brain drain in Spencer County. Logsdon says Spencer County is a great place to live and pleaded with younger folks to do just that:

This morning’s address was hosted by the Spencer County Regional Chamber of Commerce. Our sister station, 103.3 The Fix, served as sponsor of the event.

Now you can watch the commissioners’ address in its entirety next week on 18 WJTS. The address will air as an In.Form program at the end of the regular newscast.